It's not a hairstyle, its a lifestyle

Welcome to Champ's Natural Living & Locking

Who We Are

Champ's Natural Living & Locking is a Seattle based, private hair studio that specializes in the establishment and maintenance of Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks, a trademarked technique for locking naturally coiled/textured hair.

Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks is a natural hair management system that creates tiny/small/medium locks without having to alter the natural texture of your hair or add products or heat.

You can expect a professional environment that provides individual attention to your Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks needs.

A few highlights of what we offer:

  • Time efficient, personal attention in a private setting rather than the open/busy environment of a typical salon
  • Official Sisterlocks branded products
  • Self-retightening and other specialty hair care classes
  • Available WiFi

If you're looking for an easy to maintain hairstyle that doesn't damage your hair with heat or chemicals give us a try!

A Few Examples Of My Work

About Me

Hello! My name is Gina Championsmith and I'm a certified Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador and Consultant. 20 years ago, a bad perm forced me to completely shave my head. After that, I wore natural styles for fear of another bad experience with harsh chemicals until one day, I saw someone with a head of gorgeous Sisterlocks. Curious, I spent that night researching everything I could find about this new (to me) styling technique. 3 weeks later, I had a head full of baby Sisterlocks and after 10 years I haven't looked back. I have since become Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador and Consultant and for the last seven years I have helped bring this same wonderful hairstyle to others. I started building my business in California's Bay Area and have since moved to Seattle's south end. Today I am proud to say that I've helped over 100 clients enjoy the same hair that I do.